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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

If you’re planning a holiday with your furry friend, Puglia is an ideal destination that offers a perfect blend of stunning beaches, scenic countryside, and dog-friendly accommodations. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Puglia is a great place to explore with your dog and ther

The heel of Italy is called Puglia and it is officially one of the most beautiful places on earth, just as both National Geographic and Lonely Planet recognized. Puglia is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its stunning coastline, picturesque towns, and rich cultural herit

When the hot Apulian summer arrives, what could be better than an artisan ice cream to cool off in the tastiest way? For ice cream lovers, Italy is the undisputed paradise. Puglia boasts a huge number of quality artisan gelaterie offering an incredible variety of delicious local

If you are thinking to buy a property in Puglia you are taking a great decisione. Puglia is one of the first regions in Italy for request and sale of rental properties. Tourism in this region is experiencing a golden age and buying a villa to be introduced in the rental market r

“Puglia is far better in winter”. This was written by Danielle Pergament, an American journalist in her article in the New York Times. A difficult statement to believe for those who have been in Puglia only in the warm months of the year. But beyond the beautiful beaches and the

Puglia is one of the most searched regions on Google by tourists from all over the world. The trend was confirmed by some surveys carried out by Google agencies, which investigated the online reputation of the word ‘Puglia’ in 2019 and noticed an important positive trend towards

Why does everyone want to get married in Puglia? For foreign couples who choose Italy as a backdrop for their wedding, Puglia is one of the most sought after destinations. Thanks to the charm of the landscapes, the enchanting beaches, the atmosphere of poetry and romance. The

The month of September in Puglia in recent years has significantly increased the flow of visitors and consequently the events and festivals. A few years ago it was considered a month that marked the end of summer, characterized by a sort of melancholy.Now it is one of the livelie

The golden age of Puglia is not likely to stop: not only dream beaches and beautiful coastlines. From now another maritime wonder to boast of: a coral reef, the first one discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. This incredible news was announced with an article published in the jo

Puglia never ceases to amaze: The New York Times puts it at the eighteenth place among the Best destinations of 2019, first in Italy, fifth in Europe. Another prestigious award for Puglia after the “Best value travel destination” obtained by National Geographic twice (in 2014

Avoid the crowds and see the most striking cliffs, main caves and coasts from a unique perspective: choose a boat and sea caves tour in Puglia! The southern Puglia coastline, 800 km long, is portrayed by long stretches of pebbles and white cliffs in the Gargano, rugged coasts and

Puglia offers many breathtaking sights and landscapes for the picture lovers. But which ones are the best places to take photos in this region? With its sparkling waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas and the bustling, typical whitewashed towns, Puglia will definitely capture yo

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