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Boat and sea caves tour in Puglia

Avoid the crowds and see the most striking cliffs, main caves and coasts from a unique perspective: choose a boat and sea caves tour in Puglia! The southern Puglia coastline, 800 km long, is portrayed by long stretches of pebbles and white cliffs in the Gargano, rugged coasts and fascinating marine caves in Salento and Murgia, sand dunes surrounded by unspoiled olive trees in the Ionian area of Gallipoli and Taranto. Coasts and marine caves dug by swell and wind erosion, unforgettable places worth to be visited by a relaxing trip on boat to discover these marine caves of great interest and stunning natural beauty. The Pearl of Adriatic, Polignano a Mare is known for its unique high cliffs jagged the coastline, incredible caves excavated in the rocks, caves accessible only from the sea.

Monopoli with its gentle coastline and its pretty bays are characterized by high cliffs and sand beaches.

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Why choose one of Puglia’s coast boat and sea caves tour? Because of the view and its unique perspective! Puglia Paradise manages several Trulli houses for rent in Puglia Italy. Take a look at our great villa selection and choose the ones that suit you best.

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