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Everything you need to know about a holiday in Puglia with dogs

If you’re planning a holiday with your furry friend, Puglia is an ideal destination that offers a perfect blend of stunning beaches, scenic countryside, and dog-friendly accommodations. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Puglia is a great place to explore with your dog and there are many activities to enjoy together, including walks along the coast, visits to pet-friendly restaurants and cafes, and hikes in the countryside. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about planning a Puglia dog-friendly holiday, including the best dog-friendly beaches and the key things to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for you and your four-legged friend.


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Dog-friendly beach clubs

Puglia is a wonderful region that offers everything one desires on a holiday. For those who love the sea and the beaches, there are 800 km of coastline with cliffs overlooking the sea and white and golden beaches lapped by crystal clear waters.
Here you find the list of private dog- friendly beach clubs:
Spiaggia Santos Baubeach in Torre Canne
A dog-friendly beach club where your hairy friend can swim and make new friends.
Guna Beach Club in Torre Guaceto
Furnished beach with a dog sitter, veterinary service and an equipped dedicated area to run, play and stop for a toilet break!
Sole Luna Lido Bau Beach in Lecce
Dog-friendly beach club equipped with showers and chairs suitable for them. The ideal beach where your dog can swim, run and frolic in the sand.
Eden Salento in Marina di Pesculose
Agri- furnished beach club with showers, aid kit, kibbles and drinking water for every dog, and a four paws playground.  Your dog will be treated like a king.

puglia with dog

Walk the dogs

On the other side, the countryside with gentle reliefs and luxuriant woods offers the opportunity to have long walks with the dog in country paths, surrounded by flower fields and olive trees. The Trulli Valley is probably the best option for those would like to spend a holiday in the Apulian countryside with their dog because there are plenty of dirt roads with little traffic and enchanting landscapes. If you follow the green signs you see in the picture below, you are sure that you will enjoy a beautiful walk!


Although almost all restaurants now accept dogs, it is advisable to ask, when booking, if you can bring your 4-legged friend. If you want to try one of the delicious barbecue restaurants in the area your hairy friend will certainly happy to come with you, but then you have to please it!

If your dog needs help, you can contact or go to this veterinary clinic based in Monopoli with an English speaking staff that can assist you to get your friend back to health as soon as possible.

Trulli and villas in Valle d’Itria, immersed in the countryside and safe from busy roads, are the ideal location to spend a quiet holiday with your dog.

puglia with dog

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