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Relax. Your Guest Angel will take care of everything else.

Your vacation begins with a personal assistant.
Your Guest Angel.

The Guest Angel is a personal assistant who supports guests at Puglia Paradise during their stay

Your Guest Angel is your personal concierge, the person who is always ready and willing to make your vacation even more unique and special. Relax. Your Guest Angel will take care of everything else.

guest angel

The Guest Angel is trained to ensure maximum discretion and to be present only when you need a helping hand. This special person also coordinates all the staff working in the villa to guarantee a privacy-proof vacation.

The Guest Angel is available 24/7 for any need you might have. Your Guest Angel will welcome you by giving you all the useful information for a perfect stay and will assist you with any needs related to the villa or to your vacation.

The Guest Angel knows the area like no one else and shares all the advice that only a local can give you: from the best times to visit a place to the food and wine, the area’s best cultural events and nature opportunities.

The Guest Angel can arrange for you to have the best experiences the area has to offer, thanks to Puglia Paradise’s network of selected partners and the best outside suppliers.

The Guest Angel deals with handling and solving any emergency or problem related to the guests’ house or vacation as quickly as possible.

The Guest Angel always has a positive and discerning approach to the guests. The Angel knows how to listen to guests and understand their needs with a single goal, that of making the vacation yet more unique and personal.

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