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Puglia in winter

Puglia is far better in winter“. This was written by Danielle Pergament, an American journalist in her article in the New York Times.

A difficult statement to believe for those who have been in Puglia only in the warm months of the year. But beyond the beautiful beaches and the summer nightlife, the “Heel of Italy” has a lot to offer even in the colder months.
Puglia is wonderful even in winter: of course you can’t swim, but it offers excursions, culture and unique gastronomic experiences. Still don’t trust?

Then read this article and you will find a list of things to do in Puglia in winter, which will definitely make you think again.


1. See the living Christmas crib of Polignano a Mare

In Christmas time, Puglia is full of living nativity cribs, all beautiful regardless of religious belief. The underground complex of the Madonna di Grottole is a unique location and houses the living crib of Polignano a Mare. It is a real theatrical performance. If that weren’t enough, in this period, in the historic center there are craft markets and a gastronomic itinerary dedicated to traditional flavours, enlivened by jesters, magicians and puppets.

puglia in winter polignano


2. Take part to the Alba dei Popoli in Otranto

The “Alba dei Popoli” is an event held in Otranto throughout the month of December. It literally means The dawn of the peoples and owes its name to the fact that Otranto is the easternmost town in Italy. Therefore the first to see the dawn of the new year. The extensive program of the event includes shows, music, exhibitions, cultural and artistic festivals. All this culminates on December 31 with the traditional concert.

puglia in winter


3. Attending the Madonna della Madia festival in Monopoli

For those who appreciate the promenade all year round, Monopoli offers a fascinating option; it is a lively town even in winter, where you can visit the historic center, the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Amalfitana, the Cathedral, the castle and the artisan workshops.
Do not miss the festival of Madonna della Madia, patron saint of the city. On the night between 15 and 16 December there is the ritual of the beam. According to popular tradition, the ancient inhabitants of Monopoli finished building the church thanks to the recovery of a raft that had a Byzantine icon of the Madonna. Every year they repeat the representation at sea in memory of what happened.

4. Attend the Fòcara Festival Fire

The inhabitants of Novoli, an ancient Salento village, are very proud to celebrate their Patron Saint, Antonio Abate, the Saint of Fire (“Fòcara” in Apulian dialect means “fire”). Every year they organize events and shows from 7 January to 18 January, the day of the village festival. Do not miss the construction of the big bonfire, the procession and the traditional blessing of the animals.

puglia in winter focara novoli

5. Visit ancient farms, wine bars, restaurants and Masserie

For those who want to enjoy the delicacies of the cuisine, the “heel of Italy” represents a paradise even in fave cicoria what to eat pugliawinter, indeed especially in winter. The prices are lower, the service is more accurate and the quality is often higher. In farmhouses, old inns, Masserie you can appreciate the peace of the Apulian countryside. And the flavors of its traditional cuisine. Simple recipes, with a genuine taste and quality wines to relive the centuries-old traditions of this land. Surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, prickly pears. You can also take part in cooking classes, wine tastings, excursions, and walks.


6. Alberobello during Christmas

Alberobello is known throughout the world as the town of the Trulli; in the center of the Puglia, it is one of the symbols of the Valle d’Itria and UNESCO heritage. The Trulli are particular conical buildings made of stone, real ancient houses still inhabited. At Christmas time the village is decorated with Christmas lights that highlight its charm. During this time it is not uncommon to meet people from all over the world to visit it.
And if you are lucky enough to experience it under the snow, then you will take part in an enchanting show.

alberobello light festival event july



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