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Festivals and events in Puglia – September 2019

The month of September in Puglia in recent years has significantly increased the flow of visitors and consequently the events and festivals.

A few years ago it was considered a month that marked the end of summer, characterized by a sort of melancholy.Now it is one of the liveliest summer months and its cool nights allow you to enjoy festivals and events of all sorts.

Here is our selection of events not to be missed in September in Puglia.


(Monopoli, September)
PhEST is the international festival of photography and art that looks to the East starting from the point of view of Monopoli, a town projected towards the Mediterranean as a center of routes, cultures and peoples. The stories that PhEST sought in its first two editions and that it will continue to look for come from the nearest and the deepest Mediterranean. PhEST was born from a need: trying to give back a voice that belongs to the thousand identities that make up the sea in the midst of the lands, redefining one’s own and new imagination.



(Tricase, September 4 – 8)
Since 2004, Salento has hosted the Salento International Film Festival in the beautiful setting of Tricase.
This is an unmissable opportunity to compare international and national film productions on the role of cinema as a form of cultural communication between peoples.
Valuing young talents and probing new forms of film production is the goal of the Salento International Film Festival with a careful programming of films in competition between, shorts and documentaries that attract a large audience in exceptional locations such as Palazzo Gallone.



(Mola di Bari, September 6)
A concert in Puglia in which transcendental virtuosity is linked to the deepest emotions and the magic of pure music. All entrusted to the refined sensitivity and at the same time gentle and powerful hands of Matej Jovanović, very young Serbian talent.



(Conversano, September 6 – 8)
Event to rediscover and relaunch a product of excellence of the Apulian food: the almond.
Conferences, concerts, street performers, sports activities, opening of museums, churches and sites of historical and cultural interest with guided tours, exhibition of ancient tools and peasant trades; gatherings of historic cars and motorcycles; walks in the countryside between fields of almond trees and ancient dry-stone walls with a stop in an educational farm to learn about the quality and versatility of this good and nutritious fruit.



(Bari, September 14 – 22)
This is the 83rd edition of Bari’s Fiera del Levante, between Economy and Culture, an important trade fair in the south of Italy.
Many events are scheduled: from music to folk dance, from animation for the children to show cooking and street artists.



(Putignano, September 15)
In Piazza Plebiscito, thanks to the complicity of the fire, the suggestive terracotta containers will celebrate the original cooking of dishes respectful of the ancient recipes ready to delight even the most demanding palates in a historical-folkloristic setting among pizziche, tarante and melodies of the territory. All to relive the past times, on its feast day where to honor the ritual of simple recurrence in the name of conviviality, means experiencing the natural symbiosis where the sacred meets popular traditions.



(Alberobello, September 25 – 28)
The origins of this festival date back to 380 years ago, when, thanks to the strong devotion of the Counts of Conversano, the small chapel was built in Alberobello in honor of these two saints.
The celebration program now includes both religious and civil events. The ancient cattle fair opens the celebrations on the morning of September 25th.
During the night between 26 and 27 September, in the town illuminated by the lights, follows the arrival of pilgrims from all over the neighbor. It is the so-called traditional pilgrim festival.

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