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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

June is the month when Puglia definitely wakes up. The schools close, the locals start again to populate the towns alleys and tourists are more and more. Evenings are now hot and the days are the longest and brightest of the year. So people are more and more willing to walk in th

Panzerotti are the perfect example of a delicious Apulian specialty based on simple ingredients. They should not be confused with Calzoni: both are made with pizza dough but, while the latter are baked, the first ones are fried. Panzerotti, kind of half-moon-shaped pasta shells,

Puglia has sunny, hot and dry summers and most of the rainfalls are concentrated in the winter months. However, it could happen to bump into a rainy day during your holiday, especially in spring or autumn months. But don’t worry: Puglia has a lot to offer, even on a wet day. T

The golden age of Puglia is not likely to stop: not only dream beaches and beautiful coastlines. From now another maritime wonder to boast of: a coral reef, the first one discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. This incredible news was announced with an article published in the jo

Massimo Valentini, founder and director of Puglia Paradise, illustrates the benefits of having a great online reputation thanks to excellent reviews. Experience the magic of Puglia staying in a villa with pool, selected between links and reviews. “This is a key element, which a

The Pizzica dance, today an internationally renowned attraction, actually has very archaic origins. It is believed that it was a ritualistic dance brought to Puglia by ancient Greeks in honor of the god euphoria and wine, Dionysus. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BSXQagO9Er

The company’s mission is to mix the rental of swimming pool villas with a 5-star service. In the luxury villas rental market in Puglia, two years ago appeared a new institution, which represents a small success story: Puglia Paradise. “Today I look to the future with the confide

The Apulian cuisine is famous for its richness and variety. All those who spend a holiday in Puglia can only be fascinated by the quality of the products, and how food is a key element of the culture of Puglia. Among all the delicacies that can be found in the “Heel of Italy”

Puglia never ceases to amaze: The New York Times puts it at the eighteenth place among the Best destinations of 2019, first in Italy, fifth in Europe. Another prestigious award for Puglia after the “Best value travel destination” obtained by National Geographic twice (in 2014

Puglia is the world’s most beautiful place! The southern region of Italy has been crowned once more by National Geographic. According to National Geographic Puglia is the best holiday destinations in the world. The prestigious magazine has in fact assigned to Puglia the Best Valu

Avoid the crowds and see the most striking cliffs, main caves and coasts from a unique perspective: choose a boat and sea caves tour in Puglia! The southern Puglia coastline, 800 km long, is portrayed by long stretches of pebbles and white cliffs in the Gargano, rugged coasts and

Trulli are, for their stone structure, humid and cool places in summer so in this time they are attacked by those who need to cool off from the Mediterranean arbor. Among these, the most popular are the woodlice, the small countryside scorpions and the millipedes. Woodlice In

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