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Bugs and snakes in Puglia

Trulli are, for their stone structure, humid and cool places in summer so in this time they are attacked by those who need to cool off from the Mediterranean arbor. Among these, the most popular are the woodlice, the small countryside scorpions and the millipedes.

In Italian “Porcellini di terra” or “Porcellini di Sant’Antonio” and in Apulian dialect “cazzodde”, it is an animal that needs moisture. For this reason, it comes mostly at night looking for food. When they rest or when they are disturbed, they roll themselves into a sphere that does not offer handhold to the aggressor. They are completely harmless insects. If you want to eliminate them we recommend picking them up simply from the ground with broom and blade.

In Italian “Millepiedi”, they are animals that love the night and may appear on the ground or on the walls. If their presence annoys you, we strongly advise against killing them as they will leave a terrible smell that will remain in the room for hours and hours. But even touching them alive they emanate an unpleasant smell as a defense system to warn that it is not convenient to approach them. So the best thing is to leave them where they are or cover your hands and, as soon as possible, pick them up and throw them out.

Country Scorpions
During your trulli holidays in Puglia, you may find small country scorpions which are totally harmless. They love Trulli because their natural habitat are the wetlands, the crevices of the rocks and the old stone walls which are for them a great refuge. Again in this case, if you intend to get rid of them, we do not advise you to crush them as they will leave a liquid on the ground. Collect them with the help of a small shovel and throw them out.

Cervone is a large non-venomous snake typical of Mediterranean countryside and prairies. It is long on average between 120 and 130 centimeters. It is a very fast snake, which can also reach 11 km per hour. As it is a non-poisonous snake, the escape is its main defense weapon, that’s why it is so very fast to escape the predators and get safe. So, if you bump into one of these snakes, the best thing is to scare them with a stick and they will go away immediately. It is a very important snake for the biological balance of the territory because it helps to keep under control the proliferation of rats.

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