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Enjoy Puglia with rain: our tips on how to make a rainy day unforgettable

Puglia has sunny, hot and dry summers and most of the rainfalls are concentrated in the winter months. However, it could happen to bump into a rainy day during your holiday, especially in spring or autumn months. But don’t worry: Puglia has a lot to offer, even on a wet day.

The Castellana Caves are one of the most popular options for sheltering from the rain and at the same time enjoying one of the most extraordinary natural wonders of Puglia, with an exceptional system of karst caves, made of wonderful stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, canyons and caves of different shapes and colors.
Two routes are available: a 50 minutes long and a two hours long where you reach the majestic White Cave. You will reach up to minus 76 meters from the surface with a stable temperature of about 20 degrees and a high level of humidity.
The Castellana Caves are a natural wonder of the region, which is worth a visit during your holidays in Puglia, even if it’s not raining.

puglia with rainThis may seem a rather common advice but it is necessary to point out that Puglia hosts museums that are really worth a visit, such as the Pino Pascali Museum in Polignano a Mare, dedicated to the great artist of contemporary art (but which often hosts other temporary exhibitions) and the Archaeological Museum of Taranto where is exhibited one of the largest collections of artifacts from the Magna Graecia era.

pino pascali museum puglia with rainAn excellent option to make the most of your time during a rainy day is certainly to take part in an experience. Whether in a farm, at home or at a specific facility, there is a wide range of activities that can be carried out: a cooking class, a weaving workshop, a visit to a oil mill, a treatment, a wine tasting.

oil tastingA last good option is to enjoy your own villa and wait for the sun to come out. We assure you that it will happen soon.
Well, now you have no excuse to visit Puglia: visit our villas collection!

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