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Puglia Paradise: the secrets to success of a luxury villa rental company

The company’s mission is to mix the rental of swimming pool villas with a 5-star service.

In the luxury villas rental market in Puglia, two years ago appeared a new institution, which represents a small success story: Puglia Paradise. “Today I look to the future with the confidence to grow more and more and that the future of the company is an opportunity for all our staff” explains the founder and director, Massimo Valentini.

In two years Puglia Paradise was able to get the exclusive management of 24 properties, including villas and Trulli. “Exclusivity is essential for us, because only in this way we can control every single detail and ensure a 5-star service to our guests”, highlights Valentini. This commitment on quality, a deep local knowledge and a personal concierge are among the strengths of our service.

“Thanks to the reputation we built – explains Puglia Paradise’s President – we managed to extend the villas rental period up to 22 weeks “. With a customer base made up almost entirely of foreigners, as Valentini recognizes, “it is very important the image of Puglia in the world, and this is the result of an important marketing campaign by the Region”.

The idea of Puglia Paradise, as told by Valentini himself, is born “by kayaking along the rocky coast of Polignano a Mare” but behind the success there is a managerial background and the “knowledge of travelers needs”, both acquired by working for 10 years in two multinational companies of the energy industry”.

Translation of the article “Massimo Valentini: i segreti del successo di Puglia Paradise published on Ansa.it on October 2, 2018.

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