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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

Puglia offers many breathtaking sights and landscapes for the picture lovers. But which ones are the best places to take photos in this region? With its sparkling waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas and the bustling, typical whitewashed towns, Puglia will definitely capture yo

Again this year, for the second time round, Puglia has received the prestigious award of “Best value travel destination in the world”. According to National Geographic, Puglia is in fact the most beautiful region of the world, matter of pride for all people leaving in Puglia and,

Puglia is a gay-friendly region in which couples and groups will have the chance to experience a unique holiday. Stunning towns, sparkling waters, a great food tradition and places to amuse yourselves will make your vacation really great.  Puglia Paradise manages several villas

Puglia is a gay-friendly region which offers great opportunities for entertainment and leisure activities for the LGBT community. There are several amusing things that a gay couple will be able to do in Puglia: Stay in a luxury villa Puglia Paradise manages several luxury v

Welcome June! It’s time for summer, beach, sunbathe and to enjoy the hot weather again. The temperature is good, the great summer weather starts now with amazing adventures! But why visiting Puglia in June? Well, there is more than one good reason to choose this region f

Puglia is famous all around the world for its beautiful holiday villas and trulli. Both of them are really special but quite different in their style: brand new or traditional, but still comfortable, cozy and wonderful! Puglia Paradise team will give you some useful advice to

The best time for food and wine experience, explorations and sightseeing in Puglia is autumn! Autumn is the perfect season to explore Puglia if you are a wine lover and if you prefer to hang around with mild temperatures. During the falls, you’ll have a great experience just w

Puglia is one of the most favorite destinations of Italian and European travelers. An enchanting region rich in old rural landscapes portrayed by narrow trails, mysterious dirt roads overlooking the Adriatic and Ionian coast. Puglia Paradise team will suggest you some lovely and

July is a great month to visit Puglia because all areas are bustling and so full of life. Moreover, it’s not very crowded yet and the weather is excellent. If you love the sun, beaches, sea, nature and peaceful landscape, then you should really plan a fantastic trip to

Puglia is a rather dry region, with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild springs, very hot and dry summers and mild and rainy autumns and winters. In winter there are plenty of sunny days, but they are usually quite cool. The coastal area has a Mediterranean climate w

Puglia is one of Europe’s great agricultural areas, its immense plains and rolling hills producing much of Italy’s wine and olive oil, vast quantities of its fruit and vegetables, and most of the hard durum wheat used to make its pasta. Puglia Paradise team will be happy to

Starting from June 24th, 2018 there will be the first direct flight connection between Moscow (Russia) and Bari (Puglia – Italy). This will make much easier for Russian travelers to visit one of the most renowned holiday destination in Italy. The flight connection will be prov

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