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Why visiting Puglia in June

Welcome June! It’s time for summer, beach, sunbathe and to enjoy the hot weather again.
The temperature is good, the great summer weather starts now with amazing adventures! But why visiting Puglia in June? Well, there is more than one good reason to choose this region for your June holiday. For example, you will have a great time just hiking in the hills or sunbathing on the beach. Moreover, you’ll have the great chance of visiting the attractions with good weather and no need to worry about the rain. And wouldn’t you love to meal on a restaurant’s terrace with a sea view?

Puglia Paradise is always here for you to help you having the best holiday ever! Take a look at our villas!

– Average low temperature: 22°C
– Average high temperature: 26°C
– Average rain days: 4 days
– Average sea temperature: 23°C

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