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Puglia is one of the most favorite destinations of Italian and European travelers. An enchanting region rich in old rural landscapes portrayed by narrow trails, mysterious dirt roads overlooking the Adriatic and Ionian coast. Puglia Paradise team will suggest you some lovely and challenging
routes worth to ride among, the best way to enjoy the long and never ending countryside paths. If you’ll wish to rent a bike in Puglia, we will provide a perfect rental service for city bikes which are suitable both for town and countryside.

Valle D’Itria, an uncontaminated landscape

An unforgettable skill is riding among the Valle D’Itria landscapes touching the unknown rural heritages of Martina Franca, Cisternino, Ostuni, Locorotondo and Alberobello, the ideal towns for a bike tour on your own or with a certified guide who will take you to discover the uncontaminated and unusual roads.

If you’re interested in renting a bike in Puglia, please do not hesitate to contact us. The most beautiful paths and trails are waiting for you.



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