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Climate in Puglia

Puglia is a rather dry region, with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild springs, very hot and dry summers and mild and rainy autumns and winters.

In winter there are plenty of sunny days, but they are usually quite cool. The coastal area has a Mediterranean climate with precipitation concentrated between autumn and winter. The seawater temperature is above 20°C between June and October and reaches the highest in August with 26°C. In the higher areas, like the promontory of Gargano, the summers look cooler with colder winters, even with some snowfall.

What about sleeping in a trullo?

In summer: fresh and dry, Trullo interior maintains a pleasant temperature thanks to the thick stone walls which can reach from 50 centimeter to 2 meters wide. The wall’s thermal inertia helps to maintain an indoor temperature much lower than the outdoor temperature even in the hot summer days.
In winter: Trulli have the ability to retain heat in all environments thanks to the thickness of the walls.

Hints to visit Puglia based on climate

– From June to October: Puglia is a perfect summer vacation. The ideal destination to relax and live with your family as a local at least for one week.

– From March to May: Puglia is a wonderful place for long stay. Warm temperature and longer days allow you ultimate relax and deep experience of local culture.

– From December to March: Puglia is the great destination for romantic, art and cultural short getaways. The best way to escape from daily life.

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