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Best Puglia Restaurants

Traditional Apulian cuisine is essentially a simple cuisine, based on genuine and tasty ingredients combined with simple but delicious recipes. Discover here our selection of the best Puglia restaurants. Find the best restaurants for your tastes.

Do you want to discover the best Puglia restaurant? In this article we will provide you with an overview of Apulian cuisine and give you some advice for choosing the best Puglia restaurant according to your tastes.

Traditional Apulian cuisine is essentially a simple cuisine, like in the rest of Italy where before the economic boom there was not a great variety of products in the market. But the few ingredients available in Puglia were genuine (result of work in the fields, pastoralism and fishing), tasty and combined with simple but delicious recipes.

The economic boom of the 60s brought more well-being and wealth and then the arrival of international tourism in the last twenty years has brought some innovation, new formats and trendy products. The history of haute cuisine in Puglia goes hand in hand with that of tourist flows, of the local economy and of the change in people’s tastes. Many restaurants now in Puglia try to have a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation.

In this article you can find:
– a list of the best Puglia restaurants, with a brief description of the cuisine they offer, the price range and the contact number
– a presentation of cave restaurants in Puglia and Matera

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, you can always consider a private Apulian chef who can cook for you directly in your villa (only available to our Guests).

Best restaurants in ALBEROBELLO


  • Terra Madre
    A nice restaurant with an internal garden where you can eat Km0 products. Many vegetarian dishes available.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804324326


  • Evo
    Gourmet restaurant with a small and welcoming outdoor garden.
    Price: €€€
    Phone: +39 3208481230


  • La Nicchia 
    A very suggestive Trullo location. Antipasti, homemade pasta and a long list of local wines.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39  377 376 1405


  • Fidelio
    Family-run restaurant. Simple authentic cuisine, served in a cozy atmosphere brimming with history and charm.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 380 790 8375


  • Pizzeria Rosso Basilico
    Pizzeria Gourmet on the outskirts of Alberobello
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0806454366

Best restaurants in OSTUNI


  • Porta Nova
    Refined Apulian fish dishes and regional wines in an elegant restaurant overlooking the town and the valley.
    Price: €€€
    Phone: +39 0831338983


  • Osteria Casa Ciaccia
    Elegant restaurant in a villa offering regional Italian dishes, a garden terrace and a bar.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831368512


  • Ristorante il Fienile
    An old-style cuisine that respects the seasonality of the products in a recently renovated Ancient Barn.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831 198 2382


  • La Risacca
    Nice restaurant in the center of Ostuni with an attached fishmonger from which to choose fresh fish.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831332987


  • Osteria Ricanatti
    An inviting and rustic atmosphere, with traditional furnishings and a special focus on ingredient quality.
    Price: €€€€
    Phone: +39 0831 156 1831


  • Trattoria Fave e Fogghje
    A look into the past characterized by authenticity, local and top-quality products, and a menu steeped in tradition.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 366 706 6700


  • Pizzeria Impasto Napoletano
    Classic Neapolitan thin-crust wood-fired pizzas served in a large pizzeria with outdoor seating.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831336774


Best restaurants NEAR OSTUNI

  • Masseria il Frantoio
    Traditional dishes in a beautiful Masseria from the 1500s.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831330276


  • Al Pescatore (Villanova di Ostuni)
    Fish specialties in a well-kept restaurant with beamed ceilings, stone walls and an intimate outdoor area.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3388968349


  • Bosco Verde (Pilone)
    Restaurant in symbiosis with surrounding nature with fresh fish and classic and revisited dishes.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3715304764


  • Il Cortiletto (Speziale)
    Three intimate and evocative rooms exuding a familial atmosphere. Carefully selected ingredients combined in a menu that harmonizes with the rhythms of the land.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080 481 0758

Best restaurants in MONOPOLI


  • Lido Bianco
    Refined fish dishes in an elegant room with floor-to-ceiling windows, sea views and a garden.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0805127433


  • La Locanda sul Porto
    The Adriatic breeze sweeps through the stunning harbor location, landing fresh, high-quality seafood on the table.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080 896 6580


  • Locanda Don Ferrante
    The restaurant overlooking the sea offers a genuine and typical cuisine made of recipes from the Apulian gastronomic tradition accompanied by a wide choice of wines.
    Price: €€€
    Phone: +39 080742521


  • Piazza Palmieri
    Fish from the Adriatic and original reinterpretations of traditional regional dishes in an elegant restaurant.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080743265


  • La Posteria
    Restaurant with American bar in a location with a refined aesthetic, an elegant and modern architecture and with an innovative and traditional cuisine.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804044307


  • Almarea
    Rustic-chic restaurant specializing in seafood pasta dishes, soups and desserts.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0803217373


  • Metae
    The restaurant boasts an inviting and contemporary interior. The essence of the Adriatic Sea meets the vibrant flavors of Puglian cuisine. 
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080 869 7060


  • Radimare
    The ambiance stands out with its warm tones reminiscent of nature’s colors. Extraordinary dishes, where the raw ingredients take center stage, changing with the rhythm of the seasons.

    Price: €€€€

    Phone: +39  080 403 8320

Best restaurants in POLIGNANO A MARE

new york times, puglia


  • Morus
    A chic restaurant consciously furnished by skilled hands, offering a creatively reinterpreted traditional menu that changes with each season.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39  080 411 6404


  • MINT Cucina Fresca
    Innovative dishes, desserts and cocktails in a rustic-chic venue with an arched stone ceiling.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804241373


  • Trattoria Il Pescato
    Cozy family-run restaurant with a covered terrace, specializing in seafood and grilled fish.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3383985939


  • Bella ‘Mbriana
    Pizza and pasta, as well as grilled meat and fish, in a room with high ceilings and stone and tile elements.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39  0804248840


  • Grotta Ardito
    Mussels, squid and catch of the day, as well as Apulian wines, served on a terrace overlooking the sea.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804247210


  • Jamantè
    Authentic and genuine dishes served in a place where Puglia meets the elegance of Art Deco style.
    Price: €€€€
    Phone: +39 351 628 7773


  • Meraviglioso

    The authentic Puglian character served through the finest seafood, enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the sea.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080 424 9509


  • Pescaria
    The first fish fast food place in Italy offers fish, both raw and fried, in a bright and informal room with a vaulted ceiling.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804247600

Best restaurants in CASTELLANA GROTTE

historical center castellana grotte


  • Osteria del Caroseno
    Creative Apulian dishes in a former 18th century oil mill with rustic furnishings and vaulted stone walls and ceilings.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804961381


  • Trattoria Il Casalicchio
    Typical Apulian home cooking. Fresh homemade pasta and daily appetizers.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0804965868


  • Al Pozzo
    Historic restaurant and pizzeria. Traditional Apulian dishes in a typically family environment.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0804967672

Best restaurants in LOCOROTONDO


  • U’Curdunn
    Traditional local cuisine, served in elegant vaulted stone rooms or at outdoor tables in the alley.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0807961318


  • Bina
    Creative Apulian dishes and an extensive wine list in an elegant vaulted room with outdoor tables.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804311784


  • Osteria il Rosone
    Traditional cuisine in a timeless atmosphere, where it is possible to taste km0 products.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080431 1433


  • Pizzeria Casa Pinto
    Excellent pizza, appetizers and quality meat in a quiet alley in the centre.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804317510


  • Pizzeria Quanto Basta
    Pizzas cooked in a beech wood oven in a room with soft lighting, white stone walls and a terrace.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804312855

Best restaurants in CISTERNINO

5 good reasons to visit cisternino


  • Osteria Sant’Anna
    Elegantly welcoming Osteria outside the centre; warm and relaxing atmosphere. The food is tasty, genuine and with surprising flavours.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080444 7036


  • Enoteca Il Cucco
    Cuisine that takes care of the quality of the products and their seasonality; vast assortment of regional and national wines, with particular attention to the excellence of the territory.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 080444 9064


  • Taverna della Torre
    Creative Apulian cuisine in a restaurant with an informal atmosphere with arched stone vaults and wooden furnishings.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804449264


  • Osteria Bella Italia
    Grilled fish and fusion sushi served in a quiet internal room or in an alleyway with floral decorations.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804449036


  • Braceria Zio Pietro
    Meat dishes and regional wines, served in ancient rooms with vaulted ceilings or at outdoor tables located in an alleyway.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0804448300


  • Trattoria Bere Vecchie
    Simple Trattoria specializing in grilled meats and appetizers in the heart of the historic centre.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0804446638

Best restaurants in CAROVIGNO



  • Casale Ferrovia
    Housed in what was once the 20th-century home of an old oil mill, this out-of-town restaurant boasts elegant decor, including some family antiques and Art Deco.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831990025


  • Braceria Pomodoro
    Excellent quality meat in the center.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831211734

Best restaurants in FASANO

olive grove puglia


  • Pentole e Provette
    The chef enjoys breaking the mold, playing with textures, contrasts and techniques to offer customers culinary experiences that are out of the ordinary.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3486554811

Best restaurants NEAR FASANO

  • Luna Rossa (Savelletri)
    Revisited Mediterranean menu and homemade desserts in an elegant vaulted place dominated by white, with dehors.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3396280950


  • Fronte Mare (Savelletri)
    Restaurant with panoramic terrace on the roof of an ancient villa where you can enjoy the sea view. Fish dishes, seafood, gluten-free cuisine and vegetarian and vegan options.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804334212


  • Mòmò (Savelletri)
    Very small restaurant that strictly cooks the catch of the day.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3206162661


  • Il Cortiletto (Speziale)
    Typical Apulian cuisine revisited in a gourmet key and served in a typical courtyard.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804810758


  • Agrobistrot (Speziale)
    Outdoor location with lawn. Apulian vegetarian cuisine.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3888140350


  • Tony Bar (Speziale)
    Panzerotti, salads and ice creams.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0804810099


  • L’Agrumeto (Speziale)
    Restaurant for everyday. Traditional cuisine in an excellent location and large open spaces. External veranda.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3383453175

Best restaurants in CEGLIE MESSAPICO

visit puglia september


  • Cibus
    Traditional Ceglie dishes with a modern twist served in a vaulted building from the 15th century with stone walls.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0831388980

Best restaurants in MARTINA FRANCA


  • Gaonas
    Creative reinterpretations of regional dishes in an intimate venue with vaulted stone halls.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3293093665


  • Nausikaa
    Imaginative dishes and delicate flavors in an intimate little and charming place in the historic center.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0804858275


  • Torre di Angelucco
    Small, cozy restaurant with attention to the smallest details. Cuisine with simple but quality ingredients.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3427622966

Cave Restaurant

Cave restaurant is definitely a unique and unforgettable experience, at least for the location where you will have the opportunity to dine or have lunch.
Below you can find a list of cave restaurants in Puglia and in the nearby city of the Sassi, Matera.

  • Grotta Palazzese (Polignano a Mare)
    Grotta Palazzese Restaurant takes its name from the homonymous cave and from the place that was once also called “Grotta di Palazzo”. It is an exclusive place full of atmosphere, used for parties and banquets since the 1700s.
    The blue of the sea and the sky contrasts with the mysterious atmosphere of the natural cavities.
    The cuisine is for palates in search of exclusivity and refinement.
    The dishes are treated in detail, with the utmost attention to the quality of the ingredients and the harmony of the ‘Visual Food’.
    Price: €€€
    Phone: +39 0804240677


  • La Grotta nei Sassi (Matera)
    Refined starters and pasta and meat dishes in a whitewashed medieval cave or on a panoramic terrace.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0835334891


  • La Grotta del Gusto (Matera)
    Foods of the Lucan tradition, served inside a typical cave of the Sassi.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 3494025300


  • Osteria Pico (Matera)
    Classic southern Italian dishes and regional wines served in modernized and well-decorated cave dining rooms.
    Price: €€
    Phone: +39 0835240424


  • Baccanti (Matera)
    Fine pasta dishes, meat and fish, served in an underground cave or stone outdoor area.
    Price: €€€
    Phone: +39 0835333704


  • Trattoria del Caveoso (Matera)
    Grilled meat, pasta and regional cheeses in an elegant room carved into the rock.
    Price: €
    Phone: +39 0835312374

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