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Locorotondo is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Locorotondo (literally “Round place”) owes its name to the perfect circularity of its historic center shape which encloses cozy corners, small arches and narrow streets that hardly leave visitors indifferent.

In a strategic position in the Trulli Valley, exactly in the center of a hypothetical arch formed by Alberobello, Martina Franca and Cisternino, Locorotondo (literally “Round place”) owes its name to the perfect circularity of its historic center shape which encloses cozy corners, small arches and narrow streets that hardly leave visitors indifferent.

From the height of its viewpoints, you will be enchanted by the spectacular territory characterized by long stretches of woods, vineyards, olive groves, Trulli and farmhouses spread all around.
Locorotondo is one of the most tourist centers of Valle d’Itria (the Trulli Valley) and is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy.




Here are the 6 things you can’t miss in Locorotondo


1. Discover the historic center

The whitewashed stone of the buildings in Locorotondo historic center reflects the sun and illuminates the town like a fairy tale; the refinement of the architecture and its delicacy will make you believe you are walking in a bonbonniere. A gem of Locorotondo, and you will note it walking through its streets, are the countless and colorful flower vases that lean out from the balconies and balustrades. Another feature of this beautiful village are the so-called Cummerse, very steep roofs made with local stone. The Cummerse, added to everything else, create a fabulous scenario that makes Locorotondo historic center the first mandatory destination in your visit. Among the things that stand out in the historic center, we point out the Chiesa Madre dedicated to St. George, the small but beautiful San Nicola Church, Palazzo Morelli and the Madonna della Greca Church which is the oldest church in Locorotondo.

Locorotondo things to do
A glimpse of a corner of the historic center of Locorotondo, with its flowers and its narrow streets that always remain shaded and cool during the hot summer days.


2. Visit the oldest Trullo in Puglia

Trullo Marziolla is the oldest Trullo (documented) in Valle d’Itria. The construction date is shown on the architrave of the entrance door and marks “1559”. It is located in the Marziolla district on the road that leads from Locortondo to San Marco.
The main features of the Trullo are its peculiar construction and the immense mass of stones that encloses it. It is entirely dry built with very jagged stones. It has a circular plan and rises to a height of about 5.15 meters. The Trullo is located on a private property. The guided tour is possible by contacting the following telephone number +39 329 38 24 187.

Locorotondo things to do
Scattered in the countryside around Locorotondo you will find many other Trulli ruins, often with some parts collapsed or with vegetation that has grown inside them. For those who want to make an investment, buying a ruin of a Trullo can be an excellent option. Explore the part of our blog dedicated to investment to learn more.


3. Relax while strolling along Locorotondo Lungomare

Locorotondo inhabitants call Lungomare (literally Seafront) the street that connects the Villa (the panoramic garden) with the market square. It is a street full of restaurants and bars that becomes pedestrian on summer evenings. The vineyard extends below and there is even a beach volleyball field. But what makes Lungomare one of the most popular places in Locorotondo is the breathtaking view over the Itria Valley. In Locorotondo there is no sea but walking along this street is a bit like walking on a real seafront. From here you can admire a panorama that embraces vineyards and Mediterranean scrubs, olive groves that surround ancient farmhouses, characteristic dry-stone walls, and picturesque Trulli.
The Lungomare is also one of the best spot to watch San Rocco pyrotechnic competition. You have no idea what is this? Keep reading this article and you will find out!

Locorotondo things to do


4. Attend an ancient pyrotechnic competition

The most important religious festival of Locorotondo belongs to San Rocco, the patron saint together with San Giorgio. An event that takes place on August 15th and that brings together the entire population and many tourists. This event is characterized by band concerts, the great cattle fair, and the solemn procession in honor of San Rocco. But the highlight of the festival is the pyrotechnics festival, one of the oldest in South Italy, where the best fireworks launchers compete for theaward in a spectacular competition.


5. Taste the Locorotondo DOC

The village preserves a centuries-old viticultural vocation that has favored the production of excellent white wines. Wine lovers cannot fail to taste the Bianco Locorotondo Doc. produced by local wineries in the area that extends over the Murgia hills. This wine is characterized by its straw yellow color, fruity aroma, and fresh and delicate taste.
During the summer months, the winery that now manages the vineyard on the hillside of the Lungomare organizes a  tasting of their wines directly among the rows of vineyards, enjoying a breathtaking view. But there are also other wineries that organize tastings of the wines produced in the area. Here you can find valuable advice on take a wine tour in Puglia, or, if you are a Puglia Paradise guest, please contact your personal concierge and she/he will help you organize the wine tour that best suits your needs.




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