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Wine Experiences in Puglia

From historic vineyards to family-run wineries, discover the essence of the region through wine tastings.

Set off on an adventure through Puglia’s vibrant landscapes, a treasure of Italy where timeless vineyards stretch to the sea’s edge. This guide leads you to Puglia’s premier wine tasting locales, a celebration of age-old traditions and modern tastes. Venture from grand, historic vineyards to intimate, family-run wineries, uncovering the remarkable tasting opportunities this magical region has to offer.

Enjoy the distinguished tastes of an indigenous varieties as you journey through Puglia’s viticultural haven, each sip narrating tales of local heritage, fervor, and the warm Mediterranean embrace.

Within Puglia’s fertile wine country, we invite you to savor, learn, and revel in the acclaimed wine traditions of the area. This article presents our handpicked selection of wineries, spotlighting the best wine tasting experiences Puglia proudly presents:


Cantina Mir

Locorotondo. GPS position 


Step into the enchanting world of Cantina Mir in Locorotondo, where the wine tasting experience is a heartfelt journey through the soul of Apulia. From the crisp, aromatic whites that capture the essence of the Locorotondo DOC to the velvety reds that speak of the earth and sun, every glass tells a story of dedication and love for the land. The tasting experience at Cantina Mir is thoughtfully paired with a selection of local Apulian delicacies, each bite a complement to the wine’s complexity and character. As you taste, the family shares their journey, from the vine to the bottle, weaving tales of heritage and the dreams that fuel their craft.

Guided testing staring from € 30 per person


I Pastini

Martina Franca. GPS position

Dive into the heart of the Valle d’Itria with I Pastini Wine-tour, an experience that transcends mere tasting. Be guided through the rows of the vineyards, uncover the secrets of wine-making, and be enticed by a selection of the most finest wines. Each sip is paired with taralli, tomato and basil friselline, olives, and dried fava beans, in a fusion of flavors that celebrates the territory’s richness. A sensory journey that merges the pleasure of taste with the discovery of authentic traditions, in a safe and welcoming environment, where every detail is carefully managed to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Wine tour staring from € 15 per person


Masseria Li Veli 

Cellino San Marco. GPS position

Masseria Li Veli, stands where the Ionian sea meet the Adriatic. It’s a place where wine production tradition weaves into history. Born from a passion for Puglia’s native grape varieties, this project has produced wines of unmatched elegance, celebrated both nationally and internationally for their excellence. Dating back to the 19th century, the Masseria has retained its original charm through careful restoration that honors its historical architecture. Masseria Li Veli presents a refined selection of wine tasting experiences for enthusiasts. Depending on the Experience you would like to choose, you will fluctuate through a tasting of five wines paired with taralli and olives, then discover wines complemented by fine cold cuts and fresh cheeses. or, may be, concludes with a sophisticated wine tasting followed by a delightful lunch. Each offering is thoughtfully designed to immerse guests in the rich flavors and heritage of Masseria Li Veli, ensuring a memorable experience for every palate.

Wine tour staring from € 30 per person


Masseria Amastuola

Crispiano. GPS position

Masseria Amastuola offers a captivating wine tasting experience, where each glass is a journey through the estate’s rich viticultural heritage. Surrounded by a picturesque vineyard landscape, guests are invited to explore a selection of exquisite wines, each reflecting the unique terroir and the passionate craftsmanship behind every bottle. From the robust depth of the reds to the crisp elegance of the whites, the wines are paired with local artisanal foods, enhancing the tasting journey. As the stories of the land, the vines, and the winemaking tradition unfold, you’re not just tasting wine; you’re immersing yourself in the soul of Apulia, all within the tranquil setting of Masseria Amastuola. This experience is an intimate celebration of the region‘s flavors, history, and the art of wine, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and authenticity.

Wine tour staring from €  15 per person


Masseria Torricella

Alberobello. GPS position

At Masseria Torricella, enjoy a tranquil wine tasting experience surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Delve into a selection of handcrafted wines, each telling a story of local tradition and the estate’s passion for winemaking. Savor the unique character of each pour, from deep reds to vibrant whites, paired with regional delicacies. Through intimate stories and insights shared by the team, connect with the essence of Apulia’s rich viticultural heritage. This experience is not just a tasting; it’s a journey into the heart of the land, leaving you with a profound appreciation for its beauty and the art of wine.

Wine tour staring from € 40 per person


Antica Masseria Jorche

Torricella. GPS position

Experience the heart of Puglia with a wine tasting at Antica Masseria Jorche. This immersive session takes you through a handpicked selection of the estate’s best wines, from deep reds to crisp whites, each reflecting the unique soil and climate of the region. Experts guide you, pairing each wine with local delicacies to enhance the tasting, offering insights into the winemaking process and the traditions behind each bottle. This concise journey is not just a tasting; it’s a celebration of Apulia’s rich winemaking heritage, designed to leave a lasting impression of the region’s flavors and craftsmanship.

Wine tour staring from € 18 per person

Tenuta Santoro

Ostuni. GPS position

Tenuta Santoro in Puglia offers an enchanting wine tasting experience amid ancient olive groves and sprawling vineyards. Discover exceptional wines, from bold reds to crisp whites, each embodying the essence of this fertile region. Paired with local delicacies, the tasting is a harmonious celebration of Puglia’s culture and traditions. Dive into the winemaking heritage with knowledgeable hosts who share stories of the land and vines, leaving you with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for each bottle. At Tenuta Santoro, you’re not just tasting wine; you’re immersing yourself in the soul of Puglia.

Wine tour staring from € 25 per person


These wineries not only provide exceptional wines but also offer a glimpse into Puglia’s rich culture and heritage. We invite you to carry these memories with you, a true taste of Puglia’s acclaimed wine traditions.

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