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Discover the soul-stirring beauty of Puglia's ancient olive groves with an unforgettable oil tasting journey

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Beneath the golden sun of Puglia, where ancient olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see, awaits an experience that promises to touch your soul as deeply as it delights your palate. Here, in the heart of Italy’s olive oil country, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends the mere tasting of oil. This is a voyage into the very essence of Puglian tradition, where each drop of liquid gold tells the story of generations, of love for the land, and of the delicate dance between nature and nurture. Join us for an oil tasting in Puglia, and let your senses be your guide through the rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and emotions that define this timeless place. Here, every taste is a window into a world where passion, heritage, and the joy of discovery merge into an unforgettable experience.

Within Puglia’s fertile olive groves country, we invite you to savor, learn, and revel in the acclaimed oil traditions of the area. This article presents our handpicked selection of oil mill, spotlighting the best oil tasting experiences Puglia proudly presents:


Masseria Villa Verde 

Fasano. GPS position 

Masseria Villa Verde is set in 3 hectares of historic olive groves, with a legacy of olive oil production dating back to the early 19th century. The estate’s oil is distinguished by its exceptional qualities, a result of Apulia’s favorable climate, rich soil, and traditional processing methods. Guests are offered a comprehensive journey, led by experts, from exploring the groves to engaging in sensory analyses of different olive oil varieties. During harvest season, from September to November, there’s also a chance to participate in the harvesting process. The experience includes a look at the traditional oil mill of the estate and, for those interested, a visit to a modern mill to discover current production techniques, all under expert guidance.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Guided Tasting starting from € 25 per person


L’Acropoli di Puglia

Martina Franca. GPS position 

Tasting oil is an authentic ritual, based on a precise sequence of well-defined and cadenced gestures, which involves our senses. The tasting will take place inside the ancient oil mill, among the imposing millstone and the various presses, and will then conclude among the centuries- old olive trees of the Masseria. Following a brief explanation of the various steps involved in the production of Apulian gold, we will proceed to the tasting phase. The tasting technique consists of pouring three to four types of oil into a glass and proceeding on a journey to the discovery of scents, flavors and sensations.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Guided Tasting starting from € 30 per person



Masseria Montenapoleone 

Pezze di Greco. GPS position

The farmer/sommelier guides visitors through the farm, culminating in a visit to the ancient olive grove that has stood for a thousand years. As they walk, the guide shares tales and traditions from bygone eras, all related to rural production and the cultivation of extra virgin olive oil. Guests are presented with the chance to sample three types of extra virgin olive oil, each organically produced on the farm: Il Mille, Il Cento, Il Venti5. This tasting experience is further enhanced by a local aperitif featuring fried fava beans and chickpeas, olives, friselle, tomatoes, almonds, taralli, and focacce, creating a communal atmosphere that embodies the authentic taste of Puglia.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Guided Tasting starting from € 45 per person


Masseria Salamina

Pezze di Greco. GPS position

Embarking on a journey through time, visitors are guided through centuries-old olive groves, where each olive tree stands as a living testament to the enduring art of agriculture. The whispers of history accompany them as they delve into traditional cultivation techniques and uncover the secrets behind the creation of extra virgin olive oil. The soul of the land is revealed through a tasting of organic extra virgin olive oils, offering more than just flavors—it’s an education in savoring the essence of authenticity. Guests learn to distinguish true extra virgin olive oil through professional sensory evaluation, deepening their appreciation for this golden elixir. The experience goes beyond tasting, as participants are taught to read beyond the label, understanding the stories and passion encapsulated in every bottle. This celebration of heritage, flavor, and the pure heart of the land invites a deeper connection with the traditions and tastes of a timeless culture.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Guided Tasting starting from € 25 per person

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