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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

When the hot Apulian summer arrives, what could be better than an artisan ice cream to cool off in the tastiest way? For ice cream lovers, Italy is the undisputed paradise. Puglia boasts a huge number of quality artisan gelaterie offering an incredible variety of delicious local

In October the change of season, with the arrival of autumn, is much more evident: the landscape and the table change color. From the bright colors of summer to a warmer but less bright shade, a compendium of yellows, oranges, browns and greens with touches of red. Autumn offers

What to eat in Puglia? The sunny and windy climate of the area favors the cultivation of prestigious raw materials, such as extra virgin olive oil, which flavor dishes with its taste. But not only: among fish, vegetables, fresh cheeses and the excellent local wine, the palate wil

Panzerotti are the perfect example of a delicious Apulian specialty based on simple ingredients. They should not be confused with Calzoni: both are made with pizza dough but, while the latter are baked, the first ones are fried. Panzerotti, kind of half-moon-shaped pasta shells,

Puglia is one of Europe’s great agricultural areas, its immense plains and rolling hills producing much of Italy’s wine and olive oil, vast quantities of its fruit and vegetables, and most of the hard durum wheat used to make its pasta. Puglia Paradise team will be happy to

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