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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

Puglia is famous all over the world for its precious extra virgin olive oil. Such is the value of this product that it s often nicknamed “The Green Gold”. In autumn (particularly from mid-October to mid-December), heading through the Apulian countryside you will easily come acros

In recent years, after a long period of stagnation, in Italy is taking place a rebirth of the real estate market. Above all purchases for investment purposes – which up to two or three years ago constituted a fairly small part of real estate sales – are growing very clearly. Cer

In October the change of season, with the arrival of autumn, is much more evident: the landscape and the table change color. From the bright colors of summer to a warmer but less bright shade, a compendium of yellows, oranges, browns and greens with touches of red. Autumn offers

Puglia is experiencing a golden age, not only in tourism but also in other cultural areas such as cinema. In just over a year, in fact, Puglia Region and Apulia Film Commission have reached the budget target of 10 million euros for the Film Fund, initially allocated for the entir

Trulli, iconic dwellings once used for agricultural purposes, are now very requested by investors – especially foreigners – who want to turn them into successful rental properties with an excellent investment yield thanks to the growing demand for tourism in Puglia. In this artic

Why does everyone want to get married in Puglia? For foreign couples who choose Italy as a backdrop for their wedding, Puglia is one of the most sought after destinations. Thanks to the charm of the landscapes, the enchanting beaches, the atmosphere of poetry and romance. The

Puglia is one of the most photogenic regions in Italy for the beauty and variety of its landscapes, for the light that illuminates and for the emotions it arouses, which are reflected in the lens of the photographers. Here is a selection of the best photos of Puglia with links to

The month of September in Puglia in recent years has significantly increased the flow of visitors and consequently the events and festivals. A few years ago it was considered a month that marked the end of summer, characterized by a sort of melancholy.Now it is one of the livelie

The Castellana Caves (in Italian Grotte di Castellana) are one of the most important attractions of Puglia and constitute a natural heritage of inestimable value. Located near the town of Castellana Grotte, a few kilometers from charming villages such as Alberobello and Polignano

August is the highlight of the Apulian summer. This is the month in which the largest number of events, festivals and concerts are concentrated. Here is our selection of events not to be missed in August in Puglia. BARI JAZZ FESTIVAL  (Minareto di Fasano, August) In the beautifu

What to eat in Puglia? The sunny and windy climate of the area favors the cultivation of prestigious raw materials, such as extra virgin olive oil, which flavor dishes with its taste. But not only: among fish, vegetables, fresh cheeses and the excellent local wine, the palate wil

In July summer gets to the heart with its warm and sunny days. The night becomes then the part of the day where you can breathe and enjoy the cool. Even better if you can attend a live concert or take part in a festival. Here is our selection of events not to be missed in July i

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