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A great and useful travel guide for your holidays in Puglia. What to do in Puglia? Where to eat? Best beaches? All the answers are here.

Looking for an active and healthy holiday? Here you will find some good tips for some beautiful hiking and trekking routes in Puglia! To fully appreciate the landscape of the region, hiking is one of the best activities you can choose in Puglia. From the Gargano promontory, with

“Puglia is far better in winter”. This was written by Danielle Pergament, an American journalist in her article in the New York Times. A difficult statement to believe for those who have been in Puglia only in the warm months of the year. But beyond the beautiful beaches and the

Are you looking for the best beaches in Puglia near your holiday home? Keep reading this article and you will find useful information to choose the furnished beach that best meets your needs! Puglia offers tourists enchanting beaches for all tastes: there are the beaches of the

Are you planning a trip to Puglia for the month of April? There are several reasons why you might choose to visit Puglia, Italy in April: Mild weather: April is a transition month between the cool winter and hot summer, making for mild temperatures that are ideal for outdoor

The Putignano Carnival is the longest (from 26 December to Shrove Tuesday), and one of the oldest in Europe. This year it stages its 626th edition with the theme “The Earth seen from the Carnival”: papier-mache masters, masks of character, artists and entertainment professionals,

Last summer Puglia was once again one of the Italian regions preferred by celebrities to spend their holidays. This is a trend that has been going on for many years now and which sees the Heel of Italy invaded by illustrious people who find in this extraordinary region the perfe

A wine tour is a must if you are a wine lover on holiday in Puglia. The “Heel of Italy” in fact has a sunny and Mediterranean climate and amazing scenery together with kilometers of beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. In short, Puglia is perfect for viticulture and wine tou

Oh, Puglia! Tell us the truth: how many times in the last year have you thought about the “Heel of Italy”? Whether you have already visited it, or you have never been there but you wish to visit it, if you are reading this post it is because Puglia has touched the strings of your

Puglia is the “best real estate market in the South of Italy”: various indicators certify it, including the trend of house sales and the significant presence of investors, often foreigners. The experts, on the basis of this combination, estimate that – after the improvements in t

Not only Puglia established itself as one of the main destinations in Italy for the summer holidays, but it is also becoming a tourist destination for the Christmas and New Year holidays. This, especially thanks to the beauty that the region offers, the good food, and the mild cl

Puglia is a Mediterranean region with a mild and temperate climate. Even in winter, it is possible to enjoy a pleasant sun for many weeks. However, it is well known that weather sometimes is crazy and therefore even in Puglia a day of snow can happen, especially in the hinterland

Puglia is one of the most searched regions on Google by tourists from all over the world. The trend was confirmed by some surveys carried out by Google agencies, which investigated the online reputation of the word ‘Puglia’ in 2019 and noticed an important positive trend towards

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