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Puglia in September

September, the month when summer ends and we prepare for autumn, is one of the most popular months for tourists who decide to take a holiday in Puglia.

Here are our 5 good reasons to visit Puglia in September.

1. Good weather conditions

The first good reason to visit Puglia in September is the climate, among the best of the whole year: during the central hours of the day the temperatures are still hot but acceptable, while the hours of late afternoon and evening are pleasantly cool. The maximum temperatures, even at the end of the month, are unlikely to drop below 22 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Apulian beaches.


visit puglia september

2. Slow tourism

No need to say that one of the good reasons to visit Puglia in September is the quieter atmosphere that is breathed around compared to the crowded July and August. In this month you can enjoy the special privilege of walking in the old villages and often feel like being the only tourists. You can stop at any trattoria without having to book in advance and enjoy the seasonal delicacies. But even the locals will be more relaxed and willing to stop, chat and spend some time with you.

visit puglia september

3. Uncrowded beaches

Another great reason to visit Puglia in September is that during this month you have the opportunity to enjoy semi-empty beaches. In September, in fact, the schools start so the children return to school and so most of the workers. Apart from weekends when still quite busy, best beaches are mostly empty in September. Enjoy!


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4. Harvest time

If you are a wine lover, you already have a good reason to visit Puglia in September, as this is the month when the wine season begins. From harvest to winemaking, there are many activities to do, experiences to live and good wines to taste!
Visiting Puglia in September, wine lover travelers will enjoy taking part in the collection of some native Apulian vines such as Primitivo, Negramaro and Malvasia, which are probably the most renowned vines in Puglia.
Following the path of the grapes from the vineyards to the cellar, you will discover the winemaking process, which combines traditions with modern technologies.

visit puglia september

5. Best biking and hiking time

The most active tourists cannot miss the opportunity to discover Puglia by bike in September. Riding slowly or hiking without the suffocating heat of July and August, is definitely one of the best way to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Puglia, both inland and on the coast: with its magnificent protected natural areas and countless historical and artistic places, you will be able to appreciate even more the beauty of Puglia on two wheels.


visit puglia september

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