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The 8 most beautiful Ostuni beaches

Ostuni beaches are among the most beautiful, appreciated and visited not only in Puglia but also throughout Italy.

20 kilometers of coastlines and uncontaminated vegetation where it is possible to enjoy a crystal clear sea and some entertainment at night.

With its landscape rich in dunes and its always clean and calm sea, Ostuni beaches represent a perfect place both for those who want to travel with friends and for those who want to travel with the family.
Here, in fact, you can find a wide range of wild beaches, as well as furnished beaches to meet family needs.
Moreover, for several years this town has been recognized with the title of Blue Flag and with the recognition of Legambiente (the main Italian environmental association), for the cleaning of its sea and for the quality of the services available along the coast.

Here is our list of the 8 most beautiful Ostuni beaches. After reading it, it will be really difficult to choose which one is the best!


best beaches ostuni

1.  Lido Morelli 13 km from Ostuni city center

Lido Morelli is one of the most popular beaches near Ostuni. There are many families who head to Lido Morelli to spend their day surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. The feature of the beach is that the water is completely clear and transparent and is not very deep. On sunny days, you can even mirror yourself.
The entire area has been declared a Natural Reserve. The beach is with white and soft sand, made even more beautiful by the incredible dunes that compose the landscape.

best beaches ostuni

2. Rosa Marina11 km from Ostuni city center

This an area characterized by a succession of small sandy beaches among the Mediterranean scrub. Rosa Marina has always been considered a tourist destination. Those who love nightlife will certainly find themselves at ease. This part of the coast is also included in the protected area of the Natural Reserve.

best beach ostuni

3. Quarto di Monte10 km from Ostuni city center

Cala Quarto di Monte is a small and charming beach, not far from Villanova Port. This beach is usually not very considered by tourists. However, this beach is a real piece of paradise, the perfect place to relax and take a break from everyday stress. The peculiarity of the beach is the clean and soft sand, extremely pleasant to the touch.
During the summer evenings, there is also a night bar for lively evenings on the beach.

4. Torre Pozzella12 km from Ostuni city center

The beaches of Torre Pozzelle consist of many small rocks that alternate with patches of soft and golden sand. The sea is blue and crystal clear and on the beach there are also several natural wells that are formed thanks to rainwater.
It is a wild and untouched area of enchanting beauty. The area takes its name from the tower built between 1565 and 1569 to protect the coast from Saracen pirates attacks.

best beach ostuni

5. Torre Guaceto23 km from Ostuni city center

What is better than an unpolluted beach? Torre Guaceto is a Marine Protected Area, as well as a WWF Nature Reserve, with very fine sand and crystal clear sea. Torre Guaceto is a wonderful visual spectacle, a beach characterized by a rocky part that gives the sea an exceptional color and a sandy part for families and couples who want to relax.

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6. Pilone12 km from Ostuni city center

The Pilone beach is one of the best known by the local inhabitants. The symbol of this place is the imposing Aragonese Tower. On the beach, there are several dunes that create very beautiful visual effects. The golden beach of Pilone is perfect for families since it is very wide and allows children to move freely.
Finally, it is worth mentioning the possibility of doing wonderful dives where you can do one of the most interesting snorkeling in Southern Italy.

best beach ostuni

7. Torre Santa Sabina14 km from Ostuni city center

Torre Santa Sabina is a place with a magical atmosphere. In addition to the marine environment, with crystalline water that bathes the magnificent sandy coast, there is also an elegant pine forest, ideal for those seeking shade on sultry days. Torre Santa Sabina takes its name from a high tower that seems to watch over the surrounding beach.

best beach ostuni

8. Gorgognolo12 km from Ostuni city center

Gorgognolo is one of the beaches near Ostuni recommended for those who love water sports. In particular, in Gorgognolo it is possible to make snorkeling tours and excursions admiring the marvelous marine life in the crystalline waters. It is also possible to lose yourself in long walks among the rocks enjoying the scents of the Mediterranean bush.


best beach ostuni


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