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Top things to see in Puglia 2020

Oh, Puglia! Tell us the truth: how many times in the last year have you thought about the “Heel of Italy”?

Whether you have already visited it, or you have never been there but you wish to visit it, if you are reading this post it is because Puglia has touched the strings of your heart. Or at least awakened some curiosity in you.

Top things to see in Puglia 2020

Well, you are in good company: Puglia is the most clicked, most sought after, most dreamed, most desired, most requested region of last years. And it still keeps its authenticity, its nature, its soul.
Its breathtaking landscapes and monuments, its genuine food, its welcoming inhabitants are now famous everywhere, and the images of such beauty are traveling all around the world.
If you want to refresh your memory take a look at this video with the Top things to see in Puglia 2020: Castel del Monte, Gargano, Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, the beaches of Salento, and also the typical dishes such as burrata, sea urchins, broad beans and the folklore events and festivals; in short, an appetizer of everything a holiday in Puglia can offer. Are you ready? So, let your emotions flow and watch the video.

Video by ImaginApulia – © U-Pulp Visual & Motion | https://imaginapulia.com/

Yes, we know, it is hard to resist the temptation of a holiday in Puglia. And it is even harder with the prospect of staying in a luxury Trullo renovated to perfection, or in a modern villa with all the comforts and with a breathtaking view. So what are you waiting for? Let 2020 be the year for a holiday in Puglia!

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