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Patron Saints Cosma & Damian

Puglia, as other Italy’s regions, is renowned for its religious and traditional feasts rich in folklore festivals.
Every year in Alberobello from September 25th to 28th is celebrated the religious Patronal feast of Santi Medici in honor of the town’s Patron Saints.  During the night between September 26th and 27th, in the first hours of daylight, the town wakes up to host numerous pilgrims arrived by foot from the neighboring towns to Alberobello in a great precession. This event represents a very important rendezvous for foreign people and curious tourists who want to soak up into the real local culture and identity.  A fascinating and impressive illumination paints the streets up to the Basilica of Santi Medici, lots of cultural entertainments, typical stalls of food and drinks, and folk music.  The feast is rounded off with spectacular fireworks.

Enjoy our last minute offers for September to live the memorable experience of the Traditional Feast of the Patron Saints Cosma & Damian.

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