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Best place to buy property in Italy

The “Italian dream” never ceases to be fascinating for people all over the world. Let’s discover the best place to buy property in Italy.


Italy, a timeless beauty that never fades, beckons with its rich tapestry of experiences. From sun-kissed shores to majestic mountains, and from storied history to vibrant culture, Italy’s allure knows no bounds. Despite occasional tumult in its political and economic landscape, Italy remains a jewel of diversity, offering a tantalizing blend of seaside splendor, alpine adventure, and historical treasures all within a stone’s throw from international airports. While economic uncertainties may have cast shadows, Italy’s real estate market has weathered the storm, stabilizing after a period of decline where property values plummeted by up to 40% in some areas. Now, savvy investors are eyeing Italy’s market with renewed interest, recognizing the opportune moment to seize value and potential returns, particularly through rental income.

Venture north, where the majestic Alps stand guard over crystalline lakes, or lose yourself in the timeless allure of Venice. Explore the heart of Italy, where Florence’s Renaissance charm, Rome’s eternal grandeur, and the fairytale castles of Le Marche region await. Journey south to bask in the Gulf of Naples’ azure embrace, or surrender to the warmth and beauty of Sicily and Puglia regions, beloved retreats of the rich and famous. Unlike its Mediterranean counterparts, Italy eschews mass tourism and retiree enclaves, offering a more authentic and intimate experience. While the allure of Spain and Portugal may draw many, Italy’s temperate climate, breathtaking coastline, and lower cost of living hold undeniable appeal, attracting a diverse community of expatriates seeking la dolce vita. But where to begin your Italian odyssey?

According to recent estimates, certain regions stand out as prime investment destinations. From the allure of Liguria, Piemonte, and Lombardia regions in the north, to the timeless charm of Toscana, Umbria, Abruzzo regions, and Le Marche region in central Italy, and the sun-drenched shores of Sardegna, Sicilia, and Puglia in the south, Italy offers a wealth of opportunities for property buyers. So, as we embark on our journey through Italy’s enchanting landscapes, let’s delve deeper into the allure of its countryside retreats, serene lakeside escapes, and picturesque coastal havens, leaving the bustling cityscapes behind for a moment to uncover the hidden gems of Italy’s rural and coastal real estate markets.



The shimmering lakes of northern Italy – Como, Maggiore, Gardaremain as coveted as ever, continuing to reign supreme as prime real estate destinations. While prices soar in bustling hotspots, they maintain a serene stability in the quieter corners of these idyllic locales. Take Lake Como, for instance, where sun-dappled shores boast the likes of George Clooney’s villa, commanding top dollar, while the southern fringes, brimming with attractions and easy access from Milan, fetch a premium. Yet, venture to the untamed north, and you’ll discover hidden treasures at a more affordable price point.

Piemonte region, once a well-kept secret, now emerges as a beacon for discerning foreigners seeking refuge or investment. Year by year, its picturesque landscapes and storied history draw a growing influx of expatriates, breathing new life into its rental and sales markets. From the enchanting shores of Lake Maggiore to the rolling hills of Monferrato and the vineyard-clad Langhe, Piemonte beckons rustic enthusiasts and gastronomes alike.

Meanwhile, Liguria region stages a triumphant comeback in the real estate arena, riding a wave of renewed vigor in transaction volumes for both buying and leasing. With tourism as its crown jewel, Liguria region lures millions of global visitors annually, with “Le Cinque Terre” standing tall as a perennial favorite. Here, investments flourish in the hospitality sector, as bed-and-breakfasts and holiday rentals promise enticing returns, reflecting a growing trend towards experiential travel and immersive stays.


Tuscany, Le Marche and Abruzzo regions – these are the regions of central Italy that for many people offer the dreamy prospect of a country house or a farm set among green hills, olive groves and vineyards. Tuscany, a timeless icon immortalized on the silver screen, beckons with its rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards. From the storied streets of Siena to the medieval charm of San Gimignano and the artistic allure of Lucca, Tuscany region casts a spell that captivates hearts worldwide. Nestled in the heart of Chianti, between Florence and Siena, lies a tapestry of picturesque estates and restored farmhouses, a haven that has enchanted British buyers since the 1950s and continues to draw a diverse array of foreign investors.

Does Tuscany region seem a bit too Hollywood for you? Then maybe you should look for something in the small rural region of Le Marche region. Here, amidst rolling wheat fields and vineyards, medieval treasures like Urbino and Ascoli Piceno await, alongside 17 Blue Flag beaches and a bounty of truffles, seafood, and wines. Off the beaten path of international buyers, Le Marche region offers not only a serene escape but also more accessible property prices, inviting savvy investors to discover its hidden charms.

Meanwhile, Abruzzo region emerges as a rising star, enticing those seeking rental property investments with its strategic location and untouched beauty. Bordering Lazio, Le Marche, and Molise regions, Abruzzo region boasts seamless transport links and easy access to Rome’s bustling airport. Nestled amid rugged mountains and pristine national parks, Abruzzo region preserves its historic towns and ancient traditions, offering a glimpse into authentic Italian life. With property prices up to 70% lower than Tuscany, Abruzzo region seduces with its untouched allure, world-renowned wines like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and a diverse landscape ranging from tranquil lakes and soaring mountains to the sun-kissed shores of the Adriatic coast. Explore gorges, ski resorts, and 13 Blue Flag beaches, where sandy bays and hidden coves beckon, promising moments of serenity amidst nature’s embrace. In Abruzzo region, the charm of yesteryears mingles with the allure of affordability, making it an irresistible destination for those seeking an authentic Italian experience.


Journey to the captivating shores of Sicily region, where ancient ruins, Baroque towns, and sun-kissed beaches converge in a symphony of history and beauty. Unlike anywhere else, Sicily’s allure lies not only in its Mediterranean climate and culinary delights but also in its rich tapestry of culture and heritage. From elegant Baroque towns to Greek temples and amphitheaters, Sicily’s diversity sets it apart, offering a sensory feast that rivals even the famed Amalfi Coast or Sardinia region. Historically, international investors have been drawn to Sicily’s countryside farmhouses and coastal villas, lured by its timeless charm and investment potential. While coastal hotspots command a premium, the hinterland reveals hidden gems, such as the verdant valley beneath Mount Etna, where olive groves and citrus orchards thrive alongside renowned wineries and artistic havens like the village of Milo. Embarking on a journey of regeneration, the Sicilian government offers properties for a symbolic €1 in dwindling villages, sparking a wave of interest among investors seeking a slice of Sicilian authenticity.

Meanwhile, basking in the Mediterranean sun, Puglia region emerges as Italy’s best-kept secret, captivating hearts with its rugged landscapes, historic towns, and iconic Trulli dwellings. From the Greek enclaves of Salento to the ancient olive groves that carpet the land, Puglia region exudes an irresistible allure that has charmed celebrities and travelers alike for over a decade. With improved access via Bari and Brindisi airports, Puglia’s popularity soars, making it a prime destination for property investment.

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