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Best pictures of Puglia in the snow

Puglia is a Mediterranean region with a mild and temperate climate. Even in winter, it is possible to enjoy a pleasant sun for many weeks. However, it is well known that weather sometimes is crazy and therefore even in Puglia a day of snow can happen, especially in the hinterland where the hills can reach heights of 500 – 600 meters.

These are light snowfalls that normally run out during the day without creating problems for tourists who have decided to visit Puglia in the winter period, but we assure you that at the same time it is an unforgettable show. And if it should happen under Christmas, well then it’s pure magic. Don’t believe it?

Then look at the best pictures of Puglia in the snow.

puglia in snow trulli
We cannot but start from the Trulli, unique constructions that take on an even more fairy-tale atmosphere with the snow.
best pictures puglia in the snow
Alberobello, one of the most amazing and enchanting villages of Puglia and Italy, becomes even more special with snow.
best pictures puglia in the snow
Alberobello at night and with snow. If you live it, you will never forget it.
best pictures puglia in the snow
Another beautiful and fascinating village, Locorotondo, which takes on a special atmosphere under the snow.
best pictures puglia in the snow
Ostuni is called the “White City” for the color of its very white houses. But in this case, the “White City” is whitened with snow. Simply wonderful.
best pictures puglia in the snow
Yes, also Polignano a Mare, gem on the coast, has experienced snow, and we assure you that the show was stunning.
When the snow falls on the fantastic beaches of Salento, all the people run to see the effect of the white of the snow with crystal clear water.

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