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9. Price-sensitive Vs quality-sensitive guests

When it comes to to the potential guests looking for a villa in Puglia, there are two kinds of guests: price-sensitive and quality-sensitive guests.

Both price-sensitive and quality-sensitive guests have distinct priorities when making purchasing decisions, especially in sectors like hospitality, retail, or services. 

Understanding the differences between these two types of customers is crucial for businesses to effectively target and serve their market segments. 

Here’s a breakdown of the primary differences:


Main Priority:

  • Price-Sensitive Guests: Their primary concern is the cost. They’re looking for the best deal or the lowest price for a product or service.
  • Quality-Sensitive Guests: They prioritize the value, features, experience, or durability of a product or service over its price.




  • Price-Sensitive: Decision-making is heavily influenced by discounts, sales, promotions, or perceived savings.
  • Quality-Sensitive: Decision-making is influenced by product features, brand reputation, reviews, and perceived long-term value.



  • Price-Sensitive: Loyalty may be lower, as they might switch to a different brand or service if they find a better deal elsewhere.
  • Quality-Sensitive: They are more likely to remain loyal to a brand or service that consistently delivers high quality, even if it means paying a premium.


Long-term Perspective:

  • Price-Sensitive: Focus is often on immediate cost savings, sometimes at the expense of long-term value or durability.
  • Quality-Sensitive: Willing to invest more upfront if they perceive that the product or service offers long-term value or benefits.


Response to Marketing:

  • Price-Sensitive: More responsive to sales promotions, discounts, and budget options.
  • Quality-Sensitive: Attracted by product features, benefits, testimonials, and detailed information about the product or service’s value.



  • Price-Sensitive: Concerned about getting the most for their money in the short term.
  • Quality-Sensitive: Concerned about issues like product durability, brand reputation, post-purchase service, and overall experience.


Post-Purchase Behavior:

  • Price-Sensitive: May have buyer’s remorse if they find a similar product or service for a lower price elsewhere.
  • Quality-Sensitive: Satisfaction often comes from the product meeting or exceeding their expectations in terms of performance or experience.


Research Behavior:

  • Price-Sensitive: Likely to compare prices across multiple platforms or vendors to ensure they’re getting the best deal.
  • Quality-Sensitive: More likely to research product details, read reviews, and even consult experts to ensure they’re making a well-informed choice.


In Puglia Paradise we target quality-sensitive guests. We are not suitable for price-sensitive guests. Therefore from now on, when I say “guests” I only mean “quality-sensitive guests”.

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