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13. Factors influencing Villa Owner’s ROI

The ROI for villa ownership in these areas depends on a combination of factors, including the purpose of the villa (personal use versus strictly investment), its location, size, condition, marketing strategies, and more.

A general insight into ROI for villa ownership in Italy and particularly Puglia is as follows:

  • Purchase and Renovation Costs: Puglia, in certain areas, has seen depressed property prices for some time, especially in rural areas. This has led to opportunities for investors to buy properties at lower prices. However, many of these properties might require significant renovation. In touristy areas of Puglia, prices are much higher.
  • Rental Income: In popular tourist destinations, rental rates can be quite high, especially during peak seasons. Puglia, with its growing popularity among both domestic and international tourists, can fetch good rental rates, especially for properties that are well-maintained and marketed.
  • Occupancy Rates: This is a critical factor in determining ROI. While peak seasons might see high occupancy, off-peak seasons could be more challenging. On average, a well-marketed property in a good location might achieve an occupancy rate of around 60% throughout the 7-8 months, but this can vary.



  • Expenses: Maintenance, property management fees, taxes, utility costs, and marketing expenses can eat into your rental income. It’s essential to factor in these ongoing costs when calculating ROI.
  • Potential Appreciation: In addition to ROI from rental income, there’s also potential appreciation of the property value to consider. While property prices in many parts of Italy had been stagnant or even declining in the years leading up to 2021, certain regions or unique properties might see better appreciation, especially if there’s increased demand.
  • General ROI Estimates: Broadly speaking, and based on various factors, rental properties in Puglia might see an ROI in the range of 2% to 8% annually. 
  • Impact of Global Events: The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on global travel, and regions reliant on tourism saw decreased occupancy rates. Such events can influence ROI in the short term.

For the most accurate and current information regarding ROI for villa rentals in Italy and Puglia, it would be beneficial to consult with local companies specialized on villa rental or with local real estate professionals. They can provide detailed insights tailored to specific areas, property types, and the current market climate.

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