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32. Exceptional Customer Care: The Guest Angel



The concept of a “Guest Angel” has been created and developed by Puglia Paradise and embraced by some luxury accommodation and service providers. The name “Guest Angel” is a registered trademark by Puglia Paradise.


To ensure the best possible experience, each family or group of guests of Puglia Paradise is supported by a personal concierge, the Guest Angel.


Available 24/7, he/she is the resource you don’t expect, a hospitality professional – spokesperson for the values ​​of Puglia Paradise – dedicated entirely to the guests’ holiday and their serenity!


The Guest Angel is the person within the Puglia Paradise team who represents the guest’s point of reference for any need, request and desire before and during their stay.


What is the mission of the Guest Angel?

The Guest Angel will make sure that guests have a memorable and hassle-free vacation.


What does the Guest Angel do?

The Guest Angel plays the role of personal concierge by responding promptly, professionally and effectively to your requests, discreetly and never intrusively ensuring that your stay goes in the best possible way, and sometimes surprising him with pampering, spontaneous initiatives, gestures of hospitality that transform a beautiful stay into a special and memorable experience.


How is the Guest Angel?

The Guest Angel is friendly but professional, kind but never intrusive. He is kind and smiling. He always has a positive approach. It will make you feel pampered and unique thanks to a kind and personal approach.



What will he do that is truly tailor-made for the guests?

The Guest Angel does not limit himself to answering your requests, suggesting and booking restaurants, tours, experiences for you, nor does he limit himself to solving any problems that may arise during your stay.

The Guest Angel will try to create an empathic relationship with the guests even before your arrival and, if you wish, he can be a real travel agent for you who helps you plan your holiday according to your needs and preferences.

Having a contact even before arrival, allows the Guest Angel to be able to personalize the check-in, the advice, the methods of interaction. Whether guests are more outgoing or introverted, formal or informal, your Guest Angel will find the best way to relate with them and still make the moment of check-in as accommodating as possible.

During your stay, the Guest Angel will be able to surprise guests with gestures that reinforce the sense of hospitality in which everyone in Puglia Paradise believes.


How important is the figure of the Guest Angel?

In Puglia Paradise we offer a philosophy of hospitality that puts the guest at the center and has its standard of excellence in the attention to detail.

We guarantee the serenity of our guests by supporting them with a personal concierge, the Guest Angel, ready to ensure his support at all times and to enrich the holiday with unforgettable experiences.


This is why the Guest Angel is a key figure in Puglia Paradise and for our guests.


Can I also have a Guest Angel in a villa that does not belong to the Puglia Paradise collection?

The Guest Angel is an exclusive prerogative of Puglia Paradise. Only with Puglia Paradise you can have a Guest Angel.

After coining the term Guest Angel in 2017, we have registered the Guest AngelTM trademark to protect ourselves from the use and abuse of this term that both we and our guests are very fond of.


Can I provide the same concierge service with a different name?

Yes, of course any company in the hospitality business can provide the same concierge service, with the same attitude and attention, using a different name than Guest Angel.

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