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27. Puglia Paradise uncompromising vision

At the beginning of the business venture, we faced the challenge of not having a recognized brand. Like in most industries, strong brands can serve as a form of social proof or an assurance of quality. Without this advantage, convincing owners of top-quality villas to associate with the company was difficult.

Despite the initial difficulty, Puglia Paradise remained committed to its vision of only offering top-quality villas. This means that even if it was challenging to secure contracts or partnerships with high-end properties, the company did not settle for less desirable or lower-quality options. This unwavering commitment to quality helped to lay a strong foundation for the brand.


As time went on and the brand began to grow, we started to establish a track record. Specifically, villas that were part of our offerings performed well, both in terms of occupancy and prices. This successful track record served as a tangible asset for the brand.

With the brand more established and a proven record of success, the initial challenge of attracting top-quality villas began to diminish. High-quality properties were more likely to want to associate with a proven successful brand. Essentially, the Puglia Paradise’s past success made it easier to secure future success.

With a stronger brand and an established track record, the company found it increasingly easier to stay true to its original vision of only offering top-tier villas. We no longer had to consider compromising on quality to expand their portfolio.

All this is about the virtuous cycle of brand growth. Puglia Paradise started with a strong vision, faced initial challenges due to a lack of brand recognition but stayed committed to quality. This commitment, combined with success over time, helped to strengthen the brand, making it easier to attract top-quality villas, thereby enabling the company to further focus on quality offerings.

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