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Useful info about car rental for Puglia Paradise’s guests

If you have booked a holiday villa with Puglia Paradise, you might find the following information of interest for you.

Our tips about Car Rental in Puglia

Thanks to our experience we are able to provide useful advice to our guests who are going to rent a car during their stay in Puglia. In fact, during our years in business, we have collected the experiences of thousands of guests who have told us about the problems they encountered in renting a car in Puglia.


Here are our tips about car rental in Puglia.

  • For your stay in Puglia we highly recommend having a car. In fact, all our villas are immersed in the Apulian countryside, a quiet and beautiful area but very poorly served by public and private transport: there is not a proper taxi service network like in town and to take a transfer, especially in the high season, it is necessary to book it even 24 hours in advance. So, if you haven’t come by car, it’s definitely worth renting one.
  • Depending on the season in which you will spend your holidays in Puglia, the queue at the car rental desk and at the car collection point can vary from a few minutes in the low season (March to May, October to November) to more than 1 hour in the high season (July and August). If you have small children, consider this and plan accordingly. Furthermore, if you have planned a lunch at the restaurant before your arrival at the villa, or a stop at the supermarket, please take into account any delays.
  • The basic car rental contract includes compulsory car insurance with a deductible whose typical value is around € 500,00 (vary from company to company). If you want more extensive insurance coverage, it must be paid for separately.
  • At the car delivery, most car rental operators will suggest an upgrade to premium insurance where there is no deductible in case of any damage. This insurance is not mandatory.
  • In case of large delays of your flight, regardless of the expected time of arrival, we suggest informing the rental company because your rental contract may expire and your car may be assigned to another customer.
  • Pay attention to the closing times of the rental companies’ offices. In most cases, if the flight lands after the closure of the office, it will not be possible to collect the car. In case of flight delay and expected arrival after office closing time, please contact your Puglia Paradise local concierge who will assist you by organizing a transfer or looking for a hotel near the airport for your overnight stay.
  • Make sure that the driver is the holder of the credit card left as a guarantee, or, if not, make sure you have included an additional driver in your reservation.

To overcome most of these problems we have set up a car rental service with one of our partners. Read below to discover more.

Car rental at Bari and Brindisi airports

In Puglia there are two international airports where you can find all the main car rental companies:

All the villas rented by Puglia Paradise are situated between the two airports, thus both airports are suitable in case you have booked a villa with us.

Car rental companies at the airport work with dynamic prices, meaning that for the same car you can find very different prices depending on the period and on the demand they have for that period. In some cases you can find very good deals; in other cases crazy prices.

Due to Covid’s impact on the duration of the touristic season and the inflation, unfortunately, car rental prices have increased significantly compared to 2019.

The best you can do is to check for the best deals at the time of booking.

We invite you to use the following car rental search tool. Enter the details of your arrival and departure airport and your flight dates. You will discover the best deals on your car rental in Puglia and can save up to 70%.


Discover the best deals on your car rental at the airport. Save up to 70%


Are you flying to BARI (BRI)? Discover HERE the best car rental deals 

Are you flying to BRINDISI (BDS)? Discover HERE the best car rental deals


Rent a car with Puglia Paradise’s preferred partner

Car rental with Puglia Paradise partners

We partner with local car rental companies not renting at the airports. You can get this car at the partner’s office in Fasano (which is between Bari and Brindisi airport) or directly at the villa. On top on the car rental price, please consider you will need to airport pick-up and drop-off; we can offer those services whose price depends on the airport and on the villa you have booked

Interesting info:
– this solution is definitely peace of mind, especially if you are traveling in high season or with kids
– this solution has fixed prices that do not depend on the period. For this reason, it could be cost-effective in high season or more expensive in low season
– you avoid any queue at the airport as a personal driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals area
– your personal concierge will liaise with the car rental company for any issue

We invite you to evaluate this solution as an alternative to the airport car rental. Therefore please find here the detailed information

Our Partner’s price list

Depending on the car, the following daily prices apply. For each car you can choose to have the standard compulsory insurance or the optional full insurance. Price includes unlimited km, second driver, and excludes the fuel refill.

VehicleTransmissionDaily price with standard insurance with deductibleDaily price with full insurance without deductibleDeducable, for standard insurance
Fiat Panda 1.2 LoungeManual60 €100 €1.000 €
Lancia Ypsilon 1200 GoldManual65 €110 €1.000 €
Fiat 500L 1.3 MultijetManual96 €160 €1.000 €
Fiat 500L 1.3 Multijet dualogicAutomatic115 €170 €1.000 €
Fiat 500 1.2 CabrioAutomatic120 €180 €1.000 €
Renault KajarAutomatic140 €230 €2.500 €
Jeep Renegade MjAutomatic140 €240 €2.500 €
Quashqai 1600 130cvAutomatic140 €240 €2.500 €
Jeep CompassAutomatic160 €270 €2.500 €
Peugeout 3008 1600 130cvAutomatic160 €240 €2.500 €
Mini Cooper Cabrio1500 turboManual170 €270 €2.500 €
Alfa Stelvio 2200Mj 7 gearsAutomatic180 €290 €2.500 €
BMW gran tour serie 2 7-seatsAutomatic180 €290 €2.500 €
Audi A5 Cabrio 2,0 tdiAutomatic280 €550 €3.500 €
Mercedes E Class,  CabrioAutomatic300 €650 €3.500 €
Porsche MacanAutomatic350 €700 €3.500 €
Minivan 9 seat –  Opel VivaroManual180 €250 €1.000 €
Minivan 9 seat – Mercedes V ClassAutomatic205 €350 €2.500 €

Main terms and conditions of our Partner:

Car delivery and pick-up at the Partner’s office in Fasano: Free of charge

Car delivery and pick-up at the villa: € 100 (€ 50 per way)

Car delivery and pick-up at the airport: € 260 (€130€ per way)

More than one drivers: included in the price

Rental allowed from 21 to 74 years old.

Deductible for standard compulsory insurance: varying depending on the car from € 1.000 to € 3.000

Deductible for full coverage insurance: € 0


In case you rent a car with our Partner, you will definitely need transfers from and to the airport.

We can offer to you:

– airport pick-up with Mercedes 7 seat minivan and professional driver
– final airport drop-off with Mercedes 7 seat minivan and professional driver

For every 7 guests you should consider one 7-seat minivan, however if you are traveling with big or many luggages, please let us know because you may need two minivans (i.g. one minivan for each 5-6 guests)

The transfer price depends on the airport and on the destination. In particular:

    • Bari airport <–> our partner in Fasano: € 150 each way
    • Brindisi airport <–> our partner in Fasano: € 125 each way
    • Bari or Brindisi airport <–> your villa: if depends on the villa. Please contact us

What are the next steps?

We suggest you the following:

  • check the best deals with the car rental companies at the airport using the following links:
  • compare the deals you find with the price list of Puglia Paradise Partner (see above table with prices)
  • if you need more information or clarification, contact us
  • if you are interested to the offer of our Partner, contact us: we will then check and confirm the availability. Then, if you would like to take this offer, we will put you in contact with our Partner in order to provide them: driving license and credit card details as a guarantee of the reservation.
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